Homeschooling tips to keep you sane and your child entertained during lockdown

Our old friend home learning is back and looks like it may stay a while. Working from home whilst also trying to keep your child on top of their learning is no mean feat, so here are some suggestions to help us all keep calm and carry on! · Learning doesn’t have to come from books. Schools have proved just how incredible they are by swiftly providing parents with more homeschooling resources than you can shake a stick at. Of course, teachers are covering all bases and want to

Online tuition: does it really work?

Although I taught online sporadically before COVID hit, I have certainly seen a huge increase in demand for online tuition, be it for pupils who are self-isolating or families who would rather home school their child to shield them from any potential outbreaks. I’d always been dubious of how online learning could work with younger students, but I can now say that I am a total convert to this new way to teaching (and not just because it can be done from the comfort of my own h

5 ways to add more fun into 7+ prep!

If your child is preparing for the 7+ exam, the least we can do as educators and parents is to make the experience enjoyable! We all know that children learn best when they are engaged, so I’ve compiled my favourite strategies to ensure that children associate education with excitement! · Channel your inner Bond In a similar fashion to disguising vegetables into children’s meals, learning can be packaged in many exciting ways. Instead of giving your child a workbook to work