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Wicked Smart was created by Judith, a primary teacher and full time tutor who has taught in both the state and private sectors in the UK and internationally.
She works primarily with families whose children are preparing for the 7+ exam for the top prep schools in London.
Wicked Smart was born when Judith realised that there was a lack of resources available to help children in their 7+ journey. She strongly believes that children learn best when they are motivated and engaged in their learning, which is why she has created a series of exam papers that are carefully leveled to allow for a more relaxed approach to exam preparation. Each level of exam increases in difficultly, meaning that children are gradually challenged at a pace that suits them best.
She has also created a series of games that focus on a skills-based approach to learning that children can use throughout their education.
Wicked Smart aims to alleviate the stress of 7+ preparation and hopes to harness a real enjoyment for lifelong learning!

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